Classic Car Weekly
27 November 2019

The Morris Register has recently acquired a second Morris 8 Tourer to add to its loan fleet which it is tasking with recruiting young members to the fold.

The 1935 model has been donated to the club and will eventually be available for loan.  Club Chairman John Ford, said: ‘We’ve had a lot of interest in these cars.  The Morris 8 is not so difficult for people who have only driven modern cars to get used to.’

The Register has found more members since it gained a presence on the internet and social media and to make the most of the opportunity, it decided to buy a 1939 8 Series E Tourer last year.  John said: ‘We have some younger people coming into the club and have introduced our own classic car loan scheme to encourage them.  Unlike some other clubs, we have actually bought a car for this.

‘There has been an increase in interest in the cars but this is partly due to our having an excellent webmaster promoting the club across social media.’

That first tourer has been out on loan since last year and will be handed over to another custodian at the 2020 Practical Classics Restoration Show. 

Nick Larkin – Classic Car Weekly 27 November 2019

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