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Morris Cars Index

Click here for an index which gives a guide to the identification of Morris cars made up to 1948 and vans up to 1953. It shows the range of chassis numbers for each model in each year, as well as the range of bodywork styles available each year.

The chassis number is shown on the brass identity plate on the bulkhead of your car; it normally comprises a “prefix” followed by the actual number.  The “prefix” is a code for the model name, for example, S1/E means Series 1 Eight.  With this chassis number you can use the Index to identify the model-year or Series of your car.

Click here for a detailed guide to finding your chassis and engine numbers.

Up to 1935, Morris introduced changes to the specification of models from year to year, these changes being introduced at or around the time of the Motor Show in October.  Some years the changes would be a minor warm over of the previous year’s model, other years a totally new model might be introduced.  This can present problems for the present day enthusiast, who may have a car that might have been made and registered between October to December of, say 1934, but would actually be a 1935 model.  If looking for spares, or comparing your car with another, care is needed to use the model year, to ensure that you are comparing like with like.  After 1935, Series production was introduced, with minor changes introduced at more random points in time, and major changes marked by a change in Series number.  With these Series models, the year is less important than the Series number in comparing like with like.

Model Details
Click on model name in the table below for details of specific models.
Cars  Light Vans (5-10 cwt)  Commercials
YearModel YearModel YearModel
1913-15Oxford 1914-15Oxford Van   
1920-26Cowley 1924-26Light Van (8 cwt) 1924-31T 1 ton
1923-24Oxford Silent Six    1925-30L 12 cwt
1927Light Six    1926-31Z 25/30cwt
1927-29Empire Oxford    1926-31F
1927-29Oxford 1928Traveller’s Brougham 1926-32D 6×4
1927-34Cowley 1927-34Light Van (8 & 10 cwt) 1926-326D 6×4
1928-29Six    1927-30LT 12 cwt
1929-34Minor 1929-34Minor 5 cwt Van 1928-33TX 35/40 cwt
1930-35Oxford Six    1928-31R 25/30 cwt
1930-35Isis    1929-32G International taxi
1931-33Major    1930-32RD
1933-35Twenty-Five    1930-32Y
1934Cowley Six    1930-33H
1935Twelve-Four 1935Light Van (12/4) 1930-32K 8 ton
1935Fifteen-Six    1930-34P 2½/3 ton
1933-35Ten    1931-38L2 15 cwt
1935Eight 1935-38Eight 5 cwt 1931-33R11/30 30 cwt
1935-37Eight Series 1 1935-38GPO Minor 35 cu ft 1931-33R11/40 40 cwt
1935-37Ten Series 2    1931-33R13/40 40 cwt
1935-37Twelve Series 2 1935-38Series 2 8/10 cwt 1931-34J 4/5 ton
1935-37Sixteen Series 2    1931-36T2 1 ton
1935-37Eighteen Series 2    1932-33HD
1935-37Twenty One Series 2    1932-33RP
1935-37Twenty Five Series 2    1932-33TX2 45/50 cwt
1936-37Fourteen Series 2    1932-37G2 Junior taxi
1937-38Eight Series 2    1933-37C
1937-38Ten Series 3    1934-37G2S Junior taxi
1937-39Twelve Series 3    1937-39G2SW Super Six taxi
1937-39Fourteen Series 3    1937-48CV
1937-39Twenty Five Series 3    1937-48LC
1938-48Eight Series E 1940-49Series Y 10 cwt 1938-41L3 15 cwt
1938-48Ten Series M 1940-53Series Z 5 cwt 1939-53PV

The range of vehicles covered by the Morris Register (pre-1940 designs, the last of which were in production until 1953) were produced by a number of Morris companies.

Cars and their van derivatives were produced at Cowley, Oxford. Until 1919 these were assembled by WRM Motors Ltd, and subsequently by successor companies including Morris Motors Ltd, Morris Motors (1926) Ltd and the Nuffield Organisation.

Commercial vehicles (trucks/vans/buses) and the 1927-29 Empire Oxford car, were assembled by Morris Commercial Cars Ltd, initially from 1924 in Soho, Birmingham and from 1932 at the ex Wolseley site at Adderley Park, Birmingham.

Parts for the vehicles came from numerous suppliers, some of which were subsequently absorbed into the Morris Group of companies, perhaps most notably Hotchkiss & Cie of Coventry as Morris Engines Ltd.

NOTE: Year of model can refer to the season. For example, the 1934 Cowley Six is the “1934 Season” design which is approximately OCT 1933 – SEP 1934.