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Details for Event Organisers



This note is for those organising a Morris Register Event

Is this an event? 1.  No, it’s just a group of members deciding to go somewhere, not publicised in the club magazine. It’s not a Morris Register event
2.  Yes, it has been publicised in the club magazine.
Does it need a CoE? 1.  It’s a purely social event.Does not involve driving, e.g. N&N, committee meetings, dinners. No CoE needed
2.  It’s purely social. Involves driving but members make their own way there. No CoE needed
  • May meet in one or more places, but members make their own way between venues.
No CoE needed. Suggested route may be given, but for guidance only.
3. It is one of the following: CoE needed
1. Touring Assemblies, no element of competition Can be any number of cars Route is to be followed, but no prizes or awards.
2. Gymkhana Usually on private land PL insurance cert to be shown to landowner
3. Concours d’Elegance Usually on private land PL insurance cert to be shown to landowner
4. Treasure Hunts Maximum 12 cars Follow Motorsport UK guidance for Treasure Hunts.

Insurance aspects – all the above events are covered by Motorsport UK group Public Liability Insurance, but only if a CoE, if needed, has been applied for and issued prior to the event. If you organise an event that needs a CoE but does not have one, then that event has no Public Liability cover, and the organiser may be held personally responsible. In addition, members on the event would possibly find that their road insurance cover would be void.

A Morris Register “Club Stand” within a larger event organised by others cannot have a CoE, but will be covered by the Club’s own Public Liability insurance.

For all events, a risk assessment should be carried out.

Now read Guidance Notes for the Organisation of Motoring Events Promoted by the Morris Register.

Guidance Notes for the Organisation of Motoring Events Promoted by the Morris Register

  What is Motorsport UK?    What is a CoE?

20 November 2018

1.  Introduction

The Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Regulations 1969 (amended) require that any motoring events which  utilise the Public Highway are subject to  authorisation under the legislation. The Department of Transport has appointed Motorsport UK as the controlling agency to undertake authorisation on its behalf in England and Wales. This function in Scotland is undertaken by the Royal Scottish Automobile Club.

The Morris Register is registered with Motorsport UK, and as such enjoys the benefits and protection that Motorsport UK provides.

 As a registered motor club with Motorsport UK, we also enjoy the protection of the insurance provided by that organisation. This protects the organisers and the National and Regional Committees against potential claims by third parties.

 Therefore, to ensure this benefit, the Morris Register must run all events in accordance with Motorsport UK rules. Under the legislation, the types of event usually organised by the Morris Register qualify as “automatically authorised”, and as such require a “Certificate of Exemption” from Motorsport UK. If your event falls outside this definition, you will require a full permit from Motorsport UK – This is not included in these notes.

2.  What is a Certificate of Exemption?

A Certificate of Exemption is a pre‐paid type of permit issued by Motorsport UK to exempt the event from the regulations contained within the Motorsport UK Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook.  A certificate of exemption will be evidence that we are complying with the Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Regulations 1969 (as amended) and that the event will be covered by Motorsport UK Public Liability insurance.

 Guidance Notes for the Organisation of Motoring Events Promoted by the Morris Register

Events that need a CoE

20 November 2018

What Types of Event need a Certificate of Exemption?

The following types of event commonly organized by the Morris Register authorised are “automatically authorised” under the legislation, and as such require a Certificate of Exemption from Motorsport UK:

  1. Touring Assemblies – events in which Club members use their vehicles to take part in a run using the public highway from one assembly point to a finishing point, (for a full definition of a Touring Assembly see note 1 below).
    • Providing your Touring Assembly is of a non-competitive nature with no timing, awards or penalties, with RLO clearance, you may have as many cars as you wish without the need to apply for Route Authorisation.
    • However, if the event does have a competitive element to it, you will need to submit your route to Motorsport UK Competitions Authorisations department, however if the event does not exceed 12 vehicles, it will be automatically authorised under the Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Regulations.
    • Exceptions: If the event is just a meeting at one place then driving to another place, no routes or time schedules, and is not organised or promoted as an event between the two places, it would not be a Touring Assembly. This will be a “Purely Social” event, where the prime purpose is social, visiting places of interest, including travelling between one venue and another. A “suggested route” may be given, but it must be made clear that the event is purely social, and the route is only given to help members find their way. Members must make their own way between one venue and another, not drive in convoy. There is to be no other virtue attached to following the suggested route. No CoE will be needed for “Purely Social” events.
  2. Gymkhanas – A Gymkhana is a series of fun games or tests where no test is determined solely by the speed or skill of the driver controlling the vehicle. The types of activity include balancing objects on the car bonnet, collecting items from cones and wheel changing. It is not an Autotest.  You may time some activities but not to an accuracy of less than 5 seconds. There must not be more timed tests than untimed. Held on private land with the permission of the landowner.
  3. A Concours d’Elegance – A meeting at which classic or vintage cars are exhibited and prizes awarded, such as the Club holds as part of the National Rally in which members judge other vehicles of the same model to arrive at prizewinners in a number of classes.
  4.  Treasure Hunts ­ An event involving the solving of certain problems in which the use of a car is merely incidental as a means of transport and the skill or experience of a Driver plays no part. Providing no more than 12 cars take part, Certification of Exemption is needed; if more than 12 cars, full route authorisation and full permit will be needed. See Note 2 below.

Note 1
Touring Assembly.
An activity organised with the primary object of assembling tourists at a point determined beforehand.
In a Touring Assembly:

  1. A prescribed route may have to be followed.
  2. Pre‐arranged points may be provided for in the event’s itinerary,
  3. No limits of speed may be laid down,
  4. No requirement to visit prearranged points, other than a requirement to report at a final point not later than a specified time, are permitted
  5. No awards of any description, other than those in relation to activities arranged at the finishing point may be made or given.

Where any or all of the above points become a mandatory part of the itinerary the Event will be subject to the requirements of Route Authorisation (Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Regulations). The Regulations for the event must be clearly endorsed ‘Touring Assembly’, and before publication the consent in writing of Motorsport UK and its approval of the regulations for the Touring Assembly have first been obtained, by issue of a Certificate of Exemption, and where the route runs through the territory of an ASN other than Motorsport UK, that R.1.3 of these Regulations has been complied with. The programme of a Touring Assembly may include additional events (other than speed) provided that they are held only at the place of final assembly.
No prize money may be allocated in respect of Touring Assemblies.

Note  2
Treasure Hunt.
An event involving the solving of certain problems in which the use of a car is merely incidental as a means of transport and the skill or experience of a Driver plays no part.
If the event utilises the Public Highway, it shall be run in accordance with the Motor Vehicles (Competition and Trials) Regulations.
Such events may qualify for an exemption of permit.
If more than 12 vehicles, Route Authorisation will be needed.

Regulations for Treasure Hunts

See also the detailed guidance for organising Treasure Hunts

Guidance Notes for the Organisation of Motoring Events Promoted by the Morris Register

Applying for a CoE

20 November 2018

Applying for a Certificate of Exemption

 i. The principle organiser of the event (the Event Organiser) must notify the Club’s Motorsport UK Officer (Tom Taylor) as soon as possible giving as much detail as possible of the event. Provided there are no obvious hazardous aspects of the proposed event approval will be given and the Event Organiser can then apply to Motorsport UK for the relevant permit.

ii. Application for a Certificate of Exemption is to be made by the Event Organiser to Motorsport UK not less than four weeks before any announcement of the event.

iii. Roger will issue a user name and password for the Motorsport UK website, and will notify Motorsport UK of the name of the new user. It may take a couple of days for Motorsport UK to include a new user on the list of authorised users.

iv. The Organiser may now apply for the CoE online. Click here for how to make an on-line application.

v. For Touring Assemblies and Treasure Hunts, the  Motorsport UK Route  Liaison  Officer  must  be  notified.  Copies  of  the  route  and  any  supplementary  instructions  for  entrants  are  to  be  provided.  Click  here  for  a  list  of  RLOs    Click  here   for  specimen  letter  – this can  be  pasted into an email.

vi. If invited guests from other clubs or members of the public are to take part you must tick question 10 on the  organising  permit application form.

vii. Payment of the £25.00 Motorsport UK fee is to be made by the Event Organiser this can be reclaimed from regional funds as appropriate. The receipt for the payment should be sent to the Club’s National Treasurer.

viii. An event  entry form, following the pattern of the attached specimen, is to be completed by every entrant whether they  are Club members, invited guests from other clubs or members of the public.

ix. Copies of the Certificate of Exemption, Entry Forms and any other relevant documents are to be kept in a safe place for a minimum of 10 years from the date of the event to ensure that any insurance or other claims can be adequately defended. If you want to make an application by post use this form . Save the “ORGANISING PERMIT  APPLICATION FORM” to your  computer and then type into it, save again, and print. On side 1, fill in all the information boxes, and tick the box “C of E”. On side 2, tick the answers to questions to questions 1 to 9. Click “yes” to question 10 if any non-members will be taking part. Click the answers to questions 11– 12.

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