Introduced in 1930 and targeted at the lighter end (24/26 seater) of the passenger vehicle market, the Y-type “Viceroy” was the first bespoke passenger vehicle chassis produced by Morris. It was made available in two normal control chassis variants. 272 chassis were produced and bodied by numerous coachbuilders.

PL 6459a

1931 Y  (Photo – Jim Riglar Collection.
Copyright DWK Jones)
A 20 seater chassis model with Harrington body.
New to East Surrey in 1931, photographed in 1933 as Green Line MS10


Normal Control
Chassis (Wheelbase)
14ft 15ft 6ins

20 seater body  24 seater body Engine: Morris A 4256cc, 26.87hp (RAC), 6 cylinder side valve.
Clutch: Single dry plate.
Gear Box: Four speed
Ignition: Magneto
Brakes – Four Wheel (servo assisted)

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