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1920-26 Cowley


Introduced in parallel with the 1920 Oxford, but as a cheaper and more basic model, this Cowley model shared a common chassis, suspension, engine, gearbox, carburettor, clutch. transmission, front & rear axles and brakes with it’s “deluxe” Oxford sister. Lower production costs were achieved by fitting of narrower plain tyres, a three lamp lighting set using smaller mudguard mounted front lamps. front lamps mounted on the mudguards and with ignition from a mag-dyno or mag-generator (a magneto was not required as a self-starter was not fitted). During it’s years in production the Cowley was subject to a number of changes and for a short period, whilst always cheaper to purchase than the Oxford offered very similar standards of equipment and fittings.


1924 Cowley  (Photo – Jim Riglar)
This car is part of the National Motor Museum collection – Beaulieu
1920 2 Seater 4 Seater Engine (1920-26): Hotchkiss (later Morris) 11.9hp
Clutch: Cork insert between metal plates, running in oil
Gear Box: 3 Speed
Ignition: Lucas Magdyno or BTH Mag-generator. (Magneto if self starter fitted)
1921 Sports
1924 Occasional
1925 Travellers
Coupe Saloon

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